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Welcome to Skiboarding - Best Kept Secret on the Slopes

This website is dedicated to the awesome sport of skiboarding. Why is skiboarding so awesome? It is easy to do, less expensive than conventional snowriding equipment, allows you to ride faster with more control, is totally fun and turns the entire mountain into your personal playground from the first day. To learn more about this rapidly growing sport, check out our articles, reviews, and more which have been integrated into our main site at Skiboards.com.

You can shop for the best skiboards and accessories from the major skiboard manufacturers online using our secure server or order by phone at 800-784-0540. For specific recommendations on skiboards that are right for you, you can call and talk with our experienced skiboarders or email info@skiboards.com.

For your convenience, we offer daily updated worldwide snow reports including park and pipe conditions and specific resort information and trail maps.

If you haven't tried skiboards, you owe it to yourself to do just one day and you'll be hooked!
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